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Advantage - Your digital impact accountant

Impact.Ai is a modern AI-enabled impact platform that goes beyond ESG, is better than proxy values and is quicker than consultancy. Built by impact specialists and technologists we are reimagining impact measurement.

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Measure Impact Advantage


Understand what you can and should measure establishing the data needed to accurately measure and reliable report

Analyse Impact Advantage

Analyse uses impact economics to produce duel materiality assessments of your business impact on society.

Maximise Impact Advantage


Use your impact as a commercial advantage to win more bids, connect with customers competing with emotional.

What is your organisations true value?

We all think of value in terms of financial, but an organisations true value includes all of its most important resources and assets. Smart organisations invest in their people, the environment and society, but few measure it in a meaningful way and use it as a lever for growth. Uncover the true value of your business across your four capitals.

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Impact Accounting - Accuracy not estimation uses data, not proxy values, providing you with accuracy, not estimation and applying a one-size-fits-all approach to your impact. We calculate all your impacts into a Total Economic Value (£) reliable enough to use in your PR, marketing and sales campaigns. 

Social Value done right

Proxy values miss up to 75% of the true value created and miss the richness of the true impact you have. For example, using a single proxy value for 80 new employees misses out on the real value they provide such as the actual job they do, what they were doing before employment, where they are located, their future earning potential and the wellbeing this all creates for that beneficiary.

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Our Revolutionary
SaaS Platform

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Harnessing the power of AI, software automation, and pre-measured projects, redefines impact measurement, capturing up to 75% more value. Our platform delivers quantifiable and robust data-based insights, empowering you with unparalleled precision and depth.

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