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Our Story : From Vision to Impact

Where profit and purpose go hand in hand and increase in lockstep. This is not about sacrificing profits at the cost of purpose 

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A Bit About The Founder

Whilst working at Microsoft as the UK Business Strategy Manager, our founder developed an approach to measuring impact that uncovered the true value of the business across all its four capitals. This was all done with consultancy, spreadsheets and a lot of manual work. After leaving Microsoft, Jimmy set up Impact Advantage to productise this approach through impact.Ai and expand it to make data based impact measurement available to all organisations.

Purpose and Profit

At Impact Advantage we believe that purpose and profit go hand in hand and that when measured in the right way a company’s social impact becomes one of their key levers to accelerate their commercial growth. 

At its heart Impact Advantage is half hippy, half capitalist! Impact Advantage was created to help companies grow by capitalising on their impactful business models and purposeful activity. Across an ever-increasing competitive business landscape, everyone competes on price and then battles it out on function. At Impact Advantage, we help your business stand out by competing with emotion. As we all know, people buy from people and it’s the human connection that makes all the difference.

When a company's impacts are entwined with its commercial success, money flows towards creating a better world for people and the planet. We believe in Purposeful Capitalism - Where profit and purpose go hand in hand and increase in lockstep. This is not about sacrificing profits at the cost of purpose.

Impact measurement (social value, ESG, CSRD etc.) are largely things companies feel they have to do for regulatory or contractual reasons. We turn your impact into a value add for the business so it becomes a “must have” not a “must do”.

At Impact Advantage we believe in using technology as a force for good and with our modern Ai enabled software impact.Ai we are bringing a fresh approach to impact measurement that is easy to use, effective and simple to understand.  

Together, we can create profitable outcomes for both people and the planet. We are Impact Advantage, where purpose meets profit, and positive change becomes a reality.

Mission Statement

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At Impact Advantage, our mission is to empower organisations to maximise their social impact by integrating cutting-edge technology, bespoke consultancy, and comprehensive services. We strive to align purpose and profit, creating sustainable value for our clients and the communities they serve.

Our Team

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At Impact Advantage, we firmly believe that purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive but, in fact, go hand in hand. Our mission is to guide organisations in measuring and maximising their social impact, simultaneously creating value for both shareholders and society.






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Want to meet the team?

Looking to access expertise, collaborative opportunities, and personalised solutions that empower you to maximise your social impact? Let's have a chat about your journey towards meaningful change and sustainable success.

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