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Our proprietary approach integrates revolutionary ai powered technology, bespoke consultancy, and comprehensive complimentary services to automate and elevate the impact measurement process to align purpose and profit.

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Hiring 80 Full Time Employees

Your Impact


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Understand what you can and should measure establishing the data needed to calculate your true impact.

Strategy & Impact Commitments

We help you craft a targeted impact strategy, develop meaningful commitments aligned with relevant UN SDGs, and create a tailored impact measurement framework for effective evaluation.


Impact Project Discovery

Uncover the hidden impact within your organisation. Many organisations underestimate the positive contributions they make to society. We help you recognise and realise your true impact.


Impact Data Mapping

Measurement begins with data. Our approach to impact data mapping streamlines the process, identifying the essential data requirements necessary for effective impact measurement.

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Map your impacts against global and local frameworks to understand your impact on people and planet

using our platform.

Want to know your positive
and negative impacts?

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